Our history

DWI was founded by Mr. Anders Tunbjer and Mr. Dag Landvik with the view of incorporating the technologies, strengths and advantages of the shipbuilding industry in renewable offshore energy.

The technology for the DWI Power Stations was originally developed within Fagerdala Marine Systems AB, a Swedish company owned by Mr. Dag Landvik focusing on the insulation and maintenance of ship hulls and the manufacturing and installation of ship decks. The concept was invented by Mr. Anders Tunbjer, at that time Managing Director at Fagerdala Marine Systems AB, and the technology was based on the use of a patented insulating and durable double hull construction owned by Fagerdala Marine Systems AB.

At DWI, we respectfully carry with us our history in marine engineering and shipbuilding, and we are proud to enrich the offshore wind power market with our marine mindset.

For more information on the patented insulating and durable double hull construction of Fagerdala Marine Systems AB, please see Fagerdala Marine Systems AB’s web page www.fagerdalamarine.com