The DWI business concept

DWI develops offshore wind power projects for utilities and investment companies based on the use of the DWI Power Station, a floating, rotating, multi-turbine offshore wind power plant. We provide the sites, obtain the necessary licenses and permits, build the business cases, provide the technology and support the project investors throughout the production, installation and operation phases.

In addition, DWI provides technology licenses to shipyards and other project developers for the production and use of the DWI Power Station.

In our view, the technologies, business models and approaches of onshore wind power are both insufficient and inaccurate for tackling the challenges of designing, constructing, financing and operating large-scale power plants at sea. Cost-efficient, safe and profitable operations in marine environments call for a completely different – and marine – mindset. DWI brings that mindset to the offshore wind power market.

Our main project partner is Powerchina Beijing Engineering Corporation Ltd., a Chinese energy, construction and engineering company founded in 1953 with approximately 2000 employees. Powerchina Beijing Engineering Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Powerchina, one of the largest utilities and construction companies in China and a “Forbes 500 company”, making Powerchina one of the largest companies in the world.